In Closing.

We’re headed home.  Yesterday’s traffic was enough to almost get us down.  Almost.  These kids are such good travelers now.  We made it through Spring Break 2012 beach traffic by cutting out everything but bathroom breaks and finally rolled into the hotel only an hour later than planned.

It’s Easter today, but we’ll be on the road.  Easter Monday will serve as a substitute for us.  There will of course be baskets, but there will also be discussion about the real meaning of Easter.  FPD will go back to work, I will go back to work and then we will have our final home visit.  We’re hoping to be DTC (Dossier To China) in the next two weeks.  One step closer to our girl.  
In the interim, we’ll think about the awesome time we had here.  Hopefully, it will give me some patience that I usually lack during this process.  
Bubbly in the waves.  She’s fearless.

The Diva didn’t like the waves at first.
She shouted “Look!  I’m not afraid!”
ShyGuy would love to be a pro surfer. He has a $4 boogie board from Target that he’s pretty sure will get him there.

So, she might still be a little afraid.

A beach walk/marine biology lesson courtesy of FPD.

Bubbly isn’t the only one who busts a move on the beach.  My girls can dance.

He looks like such a young man (sniff, sniff).

Our comic relief.

He wanted me to take this too.  He tries so hard to be just like his big brothers.

Me and my baby.  She’s sure she’s NOT a baby.

This vacation was SUPER!

who knows He is Risen!

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