The Final Visit.

Today is our final visit with our Social Worker **insert foreboding music**.  Two hours prior to that, we have our psych evaluation **insert louder foreboding music**.  We’re not crazy, we’re good people, but it’s still stressful.  Having someone else judging whether or not you deserve a child feels unnatural.  I try to tell myself that we’ve been down this road before, but I think it will always just feel unnatural.

For those of you who haven’t done this before and found this blog through adoption related sources, the Home Study is a necessary part of any adoption, international or domestic.  Our Social Worker is nice, most of them are.  After getting over the initial shock of us wanting ANOTHER child, we think we may have won her over with our sparkling personalities and blatant honesty about how darn hard this can be.  We’ve had three visits with her so far.  They were all in her office.  This last visit will be in our home.  She’ll be interviewing all our children.  I won’t lie, we coached them.  We told them what she might ask and then we told them to answer honestly.  She would probably be a little suspicious if they all wore plastered on smiles and told her things like “my mom never yells”, because I do, a lot.

I try really hard.  I try hard to be a good wife, and a great mom.  I’m going to pray that shines through all the anxiety that is surrounding this visit so that she can see that we’re just like everyone else, just on a little bit of a larger, more chaotic scale.

who feels a little better already.   

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