I800 Away

The last two weeks have been spent filing the necessary paperwork to get us approved to bring another child into our home.  The paperwork, it is plentiful.  I think the various officials in our lives have asked me for everything but my DNA.  We were required to have a psychiatric evaluation done which I didn’t mind so much, but I think it should be required of everyone who would like to become a parent.

I sent off our 1800A to the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday.  It arrived the same day.  We have a world-renowned Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon and a Senator helping advocate for our little girl.  It’s out of our hands now.  All we can do is pray that our little girl can hold on.

As soon as our I800A approvals comes through we are planning on showing the kids a picture of our girl.  We haven’t as of yet.  They’re more than a little scared that this won’t happen, or that she’ll die either before we can get her here, or worse yet, when she gets home.  My older kids have some idea of what death means.  The littles still think it’s no biggie, but they older kids are scared.  Middle-Middle has asked me over and over again why we’re doing this.  When I explain how short our daughter could expect to live if she stayed in China, he seems to understand, but he’s right to wonder why us?

My answer…why not us?

I always thought that stepping out in faith was for someone else.  Yet, we keep getting pushed to do it, over and over again.  This will be the biggest step we’ve taken as of yet, it’s more of a leap really.  We’re bringing a child into our home who could be terminally ill.  I had to tell the kids that, honestly, I’m scared too.  I’m scared to move forward, but I’m scared not to all at once.  It’s a hard thing to have to explain to small kids.

who never was good at leaping.

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