We Wait.

We’re still waiting for our fingerprint appointment for our I800A.  Bummer.  We’re also still waiting for updated pics of our China Doll.  The kids want to see a picture of her SO badly, but so far, you all have seen a picture before they have.

Last fall we attempted to bring home a little girl from Liberia.  They were crushed when that didn’t work out.  Until we have that I797 in hand, we’re not showing them a picture.  A picture just makes it too real.  So, they’re waiting too, and not very patiently.  They know we’ve given her an American name now to go with her Chinese name.  They pray for her every day.  They would love to see a picture of her.  The Diva already proudly tells everyone that she is a “big sister to a little sister in Chinese”.  She means she’s in China, but she calls it ‘Chinese’.  I find that funny, and never bother to correct it.  The Diva has been the baby for so long that I wouldn’t mind holding onto that for a little longer.  As happy as I am about this adoption, I’ll be sad when the Diva is no longer the baby, even though she can’t wait.

We’re trying to keep our mind’s off all this waiting by doing fun summery things.  FPD is taking some of the kids on a camp out tonight.  We were all supposed to go, but we have one UTI and one case of pink eye amongst the kids, so we’ll be going to the campground to roast marshmallows and then coming home to sleep near a bathroom and in the air-conditioning.  The two that are afflicted are trying to be brave about it, but it’s a bummer.  It’s always something when you’ve got seven kids.

who plans to stalk the mail(wo)man like a complete freak.

3 thoughts on “We Wait.

  1. Hi! We are also adopting from China. Did you know that in some states, you can just pop in and get your fingerprints once you have your letter? You don’t have to wait for the appointed time. Some states are more friendly than others, so I’ve heard. And then, once you get your FP, you can call your USCIS worker the next day and she can issue you your i800. Haven’t tried it yet, but have several friends who say it works. Good Luck!

  2. Hi Carrie! Our daughter has such a significant heart condition that USCIS has already assigned us an officer. I got to speak with her today and we’re on for next week! I’m so grateful. We live in a state where they frown upon walk-ins, but I’m hoping for a QUICK I800A approval. Please God, PLEASE!

  3. Excellent!! I’m excited that things seem to be progressing quickly. We are sending in our i800a application tomorrow. We hope to be matched with a NSN child in August! Praying for a quick turn-around for your family 🙂

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