Make It Monday–Glass Pendant Necklaces.

Giggles turned 10 (again) in March.  We made her hold off on having her ‘friend’ birthday party until everyone else had their birthday.  Otherwise, it was just too much birthday.  We’re throwing her a huge shindig this weekend to celebrate her birthday and the end of the school year.  We rented the local roller rink for her.  This wasn’t cheap, but since we only allow the kids one ‘friend’ party, we were okay with it.

I wanted to give the girls who are coming something special as a party favor.  Giggles and I went to the encyclopedia for all things crafty (Pinterest) and came up with the idea of a glass tile pendant with a roller-skate on it.  These pendants are super easy to make and turned out really cute.  I figured this was better than giving the girls a bag full of candy or junky little toys that would end up in a landfill.

We think they turned out pretty great.

We crafted the little cards too and Giggles helped me name our little design company.   Fine Nine.  Nine people in our family.  So cute!

who is looking forward to eating some cake.  

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