Judge Not…

I’m terrible about judging people.  I think it’s human nature to look at someone and think you know that person just by how they look, act, dress, etc.  I know that I take it to an extreme.  Once I get to know you though, and I will try to get to know you, I’m not one to tell you how I feel about the important things.  I don’t care to try to correct you about politics.  I have my opinion, you have yours.  Unless you ask, I won’t give you advice about parenting or your marriage.  It’s just not me.  I have enough of my own problems to worry about.

I think once you’ve openly judged me and my life choices, then you’re fair game for judgment though.  I think it’s only fair that if you ask if I “feel bad” about how many kids I have and how I “can’t possibly” give them all the attention they need, for me to let you know WHY I have this many children.  I don’t talk about the orphan crisis often.  I’ll tell people what I saw in Ghana, all the children I work with in China, but I don’t just come out and tell people to adopt.  It’s not for everyone.  It’s hard, but if you really work at it, it will amaze you over and over.  If you’ve met my kids, know where they came from, and still imply that you don’t know why we’re all about adoption over here, than you’ll get an earful.

I don’t like to imply that we “saved” our kids.  We didn’t.  If anything, they’ve saved us by teaching us what it means to persevere over bigger challenges than most of us could ever imagine.  We also know how many more children are living in situations like they did.  I’m not talking about babies.  I’m talking about older kids, kids with special needs, kids you might look at and think “oh no, not for our family.”  Really?  Are you sure?  You might be missing out.

If you have the nerve to ask me why, than be prepared, because I just might ask you why not?!?  

Maybe this is why…


Wonderful Waiting Kids

One thought on “Judge Not…

  1. AMEN and AMEN! I think people are often shocked at how much comes out of my mouth when they get me talking about adoption and orphans and big families, and anything related. Generally, I am quiet and reserved and, like you, keep my feelings and opinions to myself. But I can get a little bit heated on these particular topics, especially if I am approached in the wrong way.Most of the time, it is the WHY NOT that really gets to me. I saw so much in Ghana, and working with LWB I see so much in China, and none of it goes away when people turn their heads. It’s still there!! So I want people to SEE. I might pester a few of them, actually, but someday hearts will open and families will grow. I don’t want to have to wonder what might have been possible IF I had tried! I don’t expect or want an easy life. I do want a life that glows with the light of my Savior and my God. However that comes to pass, I just pray that it includes a whole herd of children!

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