Make It Monday–An Ikea Hack

In case you haven’t been here before, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. I mean, who wouldn’t be? There are pins on everything from how to get stains out of your favorite t-shirt to the latest in trendy hairstyles.

When I saw this pin about taking an Ikea magazine holder and turning it into a corner shelf, I was totally inspired.

FPD and I are electronic junkies. Finding a convenient way to charge our various iGadgets that is within reach of our bed. I use my iPhone as an alarm clock an I read off my iPad every night. We have a large bed against a relatively small wall. So, I decided to modify the corner shelf into a bedside shelf. I took this…

And turned them into these…

I love the lamps, and the hole in the shelf lets me obscure my charger ever so discreetly.

Next up, a decorative hanging for over the bed.

who is, sadly, not a paid spokesperson for Apple.

One thought on “Make It Monday–An Ikea Hack

  1. That is pretty awesome! Have you seen the Ikea Hacker website? HOURS, I could spend HOURS on there. I’ve tried a few of their projects. We made the napkin holders/bookshelves for the girls’ room a few weeks ago. I love your corner shelves! They would also be great for a kids’ room, for their ipod/DS/camera chargers. Sadly, we are not being paid by Apple either, but we (all) should be!

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