Hard To Love.

Around here we listen to a lot of christian rock and country music (at least when I’m around, FPD has VERY different tastes in music).  Bubbly loves music and I will catch her randomly running around singing songs that she’s heard by groups like Casting Crowns or Thompson Square.  
This week I caught her singing a little Lee Brice.  I stopped in my tracks when I heard the lyrics of what she was singing.  
I’m hard to love, hard to love, I don’t make it easy, I couldn’t do it if I stood where you stood. 

I’m hard to love, hard to love, you say that you need me, I don’t deserve it but I love that you love me. 

Does she know what she’s saying?  No.  Was it ironic that she chose that song this week?  Yes.  She is hard to love.  She doesn’t think she deserves it.  She is starting to show signs that she loves that I love her.  She’s getting there.  

who knows she’s SO worth it.  

2 thoughts on “Hard To Love.

  1. FWIW, I think she’s amazing. :)Along with the rest of your kids. Oh, and their mom and dad too.(I’ve had me a little bit of hard-to-love running around my house this week…3-hour tantrum on the deck/parking lot of swim practice? “Please, sir, can I have some more?” ;} )

  2. Oh the days of three hour tantrums. I remember them well. Now, when we’re at our VERY worst, I have to endure 30-45 minutes. She is usually semi-rational during these episodes as well. I can usually reason with her if I go all Karyn Purvis on her, use my hands, and tell her to choose an option. It gets better. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

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