Timelines Don’t Mean Diddly.

In the adoption world, an agency will often be kind enough to tell you the “average” wait for the given steps of your process.  As a parent, you will ultimately obsesses over those timelines and wonder what could possibly be going wrong when your wait extends over that average.  I’m self-aware enough to know this is happening to me.

Yeah, I don’t care.

I’m freakin’ out, folks.  Our dossier left to go to Ch*na on 6/29.  It should be ‘logged in’ by now, especially since there is a lovely letter on it from the head of Cardiology at our local children’s hospital that explains how serious our daughter’s condition is.  Supposedly, this makes the process move faster.  Knowing this makes the freak out even larger.  You see, we’re now past the average timeline for families whose cases AREN’T expedited.  Ours supposedly is.  What does that mean?  Are we going to go over the average wait for every step?

If so…UGH!!!!

I have several posts labeled ‘panic attack’.  These only happen during our adoptions.  This would be a prime example of one of those moments.  Sometimes, the wait gets to be too much and you just lose.it.  It gets better, then it cycles back to bad again.  I’m self-aware enough to know this is happening to me.

Again…don’t care.


who feels a little childish today.  

2 thoughts on “Timelines Don’t Mean Diddly.

  1. Your daughter in Ch*na has the same diagnosis as ours. Our DD was 2 1/2 years old when we brought her home. We went five months without an update while we waited and our expedite request was ignored. Our only hope was that the God who created her would protect her each and every day until we could come and get her. And God answered our prayers abundantly when she came home just before Christmas last year.Since then, she had the Glenn and is a beautiful, busy, healthy girl with so much love and affection for life and all of us. I know it’s hard to feel the peace of God while waiting, but you can trust that He’s got her in His arms while she’s waiting to be in yours.Hugs to you while you wait. ~Angie J.; mommy of a DD from Ch*na who has a single ventricle, pulmonary stenosis, and TGA.

  2. Angie, I’m SO glad your daughter is doing so well. Our daughter will likely need the Glenn procedure done when she gets here. I’m so sorry your request for being expedited was ignored! We’ve had a lot of luck with the U.S. so far. We’ll see what Ch*na does. They certainly didn’t expedite our LID. So far, USCIS has been over the top helpful. If that’s all the extra help we get, I’ll be happy with that. I’m trying so hard to be at peace with His time. I fail every time we adopt though. It’s definitely one of my short comings. –FPM

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