Out of Translation.

We received word yesterday that our paperwork has been translated and is now being reviewed.  The average time from review to getting our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is 20 days.  The average.  After LOA we will begin the process of receiving approval from the U.S. to adopt our daughter specifically.  The U.S. moved very quickly on the first portion of this process, we are hoping that pattern will continue.  We will then go on to make Travel Arrangements (TA) to China.  It feels like forward progress.  But…

It also doesn’t appear that our paperwork is moving any faster than the average dossier.  It’s following averages.  This is disappointing.  We’re trying to fix that.

We’re asking everyone to please pray.  We need our paperwork to move through quickly so that we can get to our little girl.  

In the interim, our passports have been sent in to have visas put into them.  I’m in the process of securing Oxygen, or a plan for Oxygen, for the flight over and back.  It’s becoming real.  That’s exciting.

who is praying hard for her little girl to just hold on.

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