What Keeps Me Going.

We’re in a spot in our adoption where we don’t hear a whole lot, because we’re just waiting.  This week we had small bits of good news.  Those small bits keep me going.
We were able to get our visas prior to the rumor changes that are happening in the visa application process to Ch*na.  I can’t think of one time, in all of our adoptions, that we got in AHEAD of changes. Usually, I’m a step or two behind and have to scramble like mad to compensate.  
This makes me happy.  

We heard that our China Doll’s Oxygen saturation levels are ranging from 80-83%.  The average person, with a normal heart, sats somewhere between 95-100%.  I’ve spoken with other parents of children with single ventricles that got to Ch*na and found their child with Oxygen sats in the 40s.  ACK!  To hear that our girl is holding on is nothing short of a miracle.

This makes me happy.

We also had contact, via our agency of course, with the central organization for adoptions in Ch*na.  They asked for clearer copies of our passports.  This means they’re reviewing our file and that it’s not just sitting on their desk.  I sent off the clearer copies on Friday.  Hopefully, that’s all they need to close our file and issue our Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

This makes me happy.

I likely won’t hear anything else for a week or two now.  I’m okay with that.  My panic seems to come in waves.  I was bad off last week.  I’ll be able to hold on for another couple weeks before I go whacky again.  This is what I’m like during an adoption.  Self-awareness is important, and that I am, but, I can’t necessarily control it.  Sorry in advance to everyone who has to live with me when I head into ‘crazy mode’ (ahem, FPD).

who will do her best to keep a lid on it, but she makes no promises.  


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