Bad Ju Ju.

We apparently have bad adoption ju ju when it comes to the paperwork portion of the whole ordeal.  We have NEVER been one of those families where everything just goes okay.  The process is always difficult, for every family.  For us, it’s always more than that.  Remember the last two adoptions in Ghana?  The paperwork nightmare…UGH!

This time, absolutely NO ONE can believe we’ve waited this long.  Our wait, for one stupid letter, has left our agency and our social worker scratching their heads.  Hmmm…what could be happening?  Hmmm…no one knows.  Again…UGH!!!

I pout, I cry, I get pissed, I vow we’re NEVER going to do it again.

Then, when it’s all done, I forget all about it.  Because, ultimately, it leads to this…

Which makes it all seem worth it.  
who is trying to find her happy place.  

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