An Announcement…

LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance.  We received it yesterday, on ResponsiBoy’s 10th birthday (sappy post yet to come).  He told us that this was the best birthday gift he could have gotten, which promptly made my heart melt like the candles on his cake.  He’s a very sweet, unselfish 10-year-old, most of the time.  
LOA means we have been accepted by the Chinese government to adopt our Dolly.  For those of you who traveled with us through the world of Ghanaian adoptions, this is like having a court decree, but a more rock solid one, one that neither government will question (unlike the one I started with in Ghana, that turned out to be sketchy and need of some major Social Welfare intervention).  
Now we move on to I800 approval.  This part of the process takes us back to U.S. soil.  Because of Dolly’s congenital heart defect, we were expedited through USCIS before.  They were lovely to us.  Seriously, I’ve never gotten better customer service.  I’m praying that continues.  I’m hoping to leave for China in about 6 weeks.   SQUUEEEE!!!!
who is ready to check the Great Wall off her bucket list.

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  1. Well, you’re following our pattern: Jacob’s court date was on Andrew (and ResponsiBoy’s) birthday last year. *grin*So glad for you!!!

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