He came first.

In 50 short minutes I’ll head out to pick up my crew from school.  It’s only the Diva and I right now and she is basking in the glow of her ‘alone time’.   While I sit here in front of the open windows in our dining room, piecing together Dolly’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt, I can hear intermittent shouts of ‘backpack!’ and ‘salta’ coming from my bedroom as the Diva watches Dora happily with no whining from her sibs to ‘PLEASE! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!  THIS SHOW IS FOR BABIES!’  I’m embracing these moments of quiet, and so is she.

Once upon a time, this was like this everyday at our house.  We had one little boy.  The one who started it all.  The one who took his own sweet time getting here, but when he did, he opened a floodgate for us.

This boy turned one decade old last week.  Time flies.  
He has also become internet savvy, because he would prefer I didn’t post a picture of ‘the whole of him’ anymore, reminding me that ‘there are a lot of weirdos out there’.  Good.  I’ve done my job as a mother.  I’ve scared you witless of weirdos.

It’s because of his heart, his constant and unwavering willingness to say ‘YES!’ every single time that we’ve asked about adding to our family that has led us to the joyful home we’ve built today.  I love you Responsiboy.  You came first, and because of you, everyone else followed.  You amaze me.  
who can’t believe that she has proudly held the title of ‘mom’ for almost a decade now.  Wow.  

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