The first two weeks.

Bubbly has been in school now for two weeks.  Overall, she’s doing well.  She attends a public school where there are many children who struggle more than she does.  There are many kids that have no one watching out for them at home.  But, our Bubbly still struggles.

We’ll get there, I know we will, she’s just so darn impulsive!  She’s almost 6 and she still moves without thinking.  Today, she had a rough day.  We very carefully put a behavior chart in her ‘Take Home’ folder.  Her teacher marks it with a smiley if she has a good day.  If she doesn’t he leaves it blank or writes in what the problem was.  There were too many problems to even fit in the little square.

She was all over the rug during the morning routine.  She punched someone in the back in art.  She couldn’t stay focused.  She didn’t listen.  Then, she was told she hadn’t earned her smiley for the day.  She flipped.  She knows that this will follow her home, that we talk to her teacher every single day.  She walked up to us at the end of the day absolutely distraught.  It’s movie night tonight and she’s in bed.  Ugh.  My head knew there would be a backslide.  My heart hurts for her.

I want her to be happy.

I want her to feel good about herself.

Dang it, I want her to be normal.

She’s not.  Not many of us are.  So, we’ll keep working on it.  It’s all we can do.

who needs someone to give her a smiley.

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