The Tiny Faces…

Some days, the tiny faces get to me.  I can’t help but look at waiting child pages.  It has become like an old familiar habit that just can’t be broken.  There are days when I like it.  Lots of times, it warms my insides to see another little picture with a “I Found My Family!” note next to it.  It’s part of my routine now.  Check Facebook.  Check my email.  Check my Waiting Child pages to see who’s placed.

Some days more than others, it hurts my heart to see the same ones waiting over and over.  The other day, I was watching video of our adoption agency’s most recent trip to China.  I watch the videos over and over again sometimes.  I like the glimpse it gives me into the child’s tiny personality.  It’s so much easier to see who they are.  They’re usually so smiley and happy.

In these videos, one little guy was especially smiley.  He has been given the english name ‘Henry’ and he kept saying it so proudly.  It struck me how determined he was.  The same way ShyGuy was determined to say his new name.  You see, his new name came with a new family.  He was determined to say it perfectly, the same way he was determined to have a family in the first place.

Henry is exactly Giganto and Bubbly’s ages.  Born in 2006.  That seems so recent.  It seems like yesterday. Except in the world of adoption, it’s not.  He’s “older”… and he’s a he.  A boy is harder to place.  Henry also has Cerebral Palsy.  He walks really steadily, and he’s smart as a whip, trying so hard to learn english, but he has three strikes against him.  I knew this when I opened the video.  I’m not going to lie either, I rarely open the videos or photos of kids with CP.  How can I even advocate for these kids?  They’re never going to find families.  It’s too hard.

Something made me open Henry’s video, and when I did, my heart broke a little.  As he’s walking with his walker, so happy and oblivious, the agency staff are talking to the orphanage staff.  At one point, they look at Henry, who is smiling happily, and say “he’s got such a great personality and he’s so cute, maybe we’ll get lucky”.  IT wasn’t said out of unkindness, or heartlessness, it’s just fact.  They will have to get lucky in order to find this little guy a family.  Someone has to be willing to open his video even though he’s 6, even though he’s a boy and even though he has CP. Someone has to be willing to look past all that and see him for what he is.

One amazing little guy.

who wonders if you might have room for a Henry in your life.  If so, email me.

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