Unbroken–A Tribute to our Beautiful Dolly and the Children Who Wait.

Awhile back, as we were waiting WAY longer than we expected for Dolly’s paperwork, at a moment when the waiting seemed unbearable, when I thought how at any second her little heart could just decide to stop fighting and that it would mean that I hadn’t moved fast enough, I happened to open my bible to this verse.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  
A message from the only one who can truly heal her.  From the one who has been protecting her all this time.  From the one who will hold her in His hand until we can get to her to help fix her broken heart.  
I take comfort in those words, I hold them close to my heart, and I try to have faith.  
These words became an anthem, a mantra if you will, for this adoption.  Every time I feel the panic creeping in, the worry starting to choke me, I think about these words.  I think how He’s got it under control, because I can’t.
I put the words on the blog header above as a reminder, and suddenly, they turned into so much more.  
Another mom to seven, who is also expecting her eighth child via adoption very soon, graciously offered to design a necklace to represent our Dolly.  She designs necklaces that serve as fundraisers to raise money for family’s that are working hard to be able to afford to adopt.  We are very fortunate to not need to fundraise.  I asked if it would be possible to choose a cause to donate the money to, something that would honor Dolly.  
It seemed so natural to choose something that would help the children who are left behind.  Since the children who continue to wait break my heart a little, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to raise funds to help provide therapies that might increase their chances of finding a family.  $15 of each of the proceeds from this necklace will go to benefit the Katie-Mary Project.  The Katie-Mary project pays for Physical Therapy rooms inside of orphanages across China.

These rooms give children with Cerebral Palsy a chance to practice walking, kids like Henry.    They give kids with sensory issues a place to explore.  They give kids like our Bubbly a way out of the darkness in case their mom or dad can’t come right away.  Do you know how much PT we did when she came home?  Do you know how it would have benefitted her to have anything like this at her orphanage?  Oh.my.gosh.  

Since this is project comes directly through our adoption agency, I get to see pictures of the children who will benefit from the physical therapy the funds will provide.  I’ve gotten to see a few pictures of a child already using the equipment.  They are so amazing.  Such hope in a place where there could be so little.
Aside from all that, this necklace is in honor of our baby.  Our Dolly.  The red heart on it is whole, unbroken, in honor of what we hope to accomplish when she gets here.  On the day she finally rolls into that operating room, I would love to know that there are people all across the country, or world, wearing the necklace and holding her in their prayers.  Because that makes it all a little less scary.  
Would you like to purchase a necklace to honor our Dolly that benefits the Katie-Mary Project through Madison Adoption Associates?  
If so, the link is below.  
who will keep you updated on just how much money we raise.   

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