AJ, Ally, Brady, Cam, Jax, Juliana

A Skip Down Memory Lane…A Reintroduction of the FullPlateKids

I’m doing my very best to stay distracted during this LONG seven day wait where nothing in the Chi*a adoption world will move at all because of the back-to-back holidays of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, National Day and that worthless little holiday we know as Columbus Day here in the USA (stupid Columbus, I curse you only because it’s considered rude to curse another culture’s holidays).

So, I thought to myself, what might be interesting to people who read my blog?  Then it struck me…MY CHILDREN!!!  My children are SO exciting!!!  Are you sighing yet?  Because I don’t talk enough about them here, do I?

I think it might be a really good idea to tell the story of what led FPD and I to each of them.  Please note, I did NOT say that I would be telling the story of our children.  That’s their story.  Their birth parents, what led them to make an adoption plan, and the relationship they have with them now belongs to our children.  However, FPD and I are happy to share our adoption story.

So, we call this six days for seven kids (Giggles and ShyGuy kind of share an adoption story since they came together).  Tomorrow will be Responsiboy’s turn, then Middle-Middle, then Gigantobaby, then the Diva.  After that, Bubbly will burst onto the scene with her story and then Giggles and ShyGuy will round us out.  That will bring us to next Wednesday, when I will, God willing, have news of an Article 5 letter to share with all of you.

Yes, I think this will fill my time nicely.

who is happily skipping down memory lane, wondering if the stress has caused her to lose her mind.

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