Middle, middle, middle. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

**This post is part of my seven kids in six days series.  Over the next six days I will be recounting how each of our kids joined our family, not THEIR story, but OUR story.  This is the story of FPD and my journey to each of them.  Throughout the posts, I’ve linked to the adoption agencies and people who helped us find them.  Well, the ones we would recommend anyway.***

While the journey to ResponsiBoy was emotional and heart wrenching, the journey to Middle-Middle was, well, not.  We still rejoice in the simplicity of it.  We didn’t wait for Middle-Middle at all.  He was a surprise.  I know, I know.  How can adoption ever be a surprise?  Well, he was.

We waited SO long for ResponsiBoy that FPD and I decided to update our home study and get on the waiting list again in case our next adoption took another two years.  We wanted children who were close in age, so it seemed logical that we should do this now if that was our hope.

People, adoption isn’t logical.

We got a call from Shelia again.  She had a situation she wanted to discuss with us.  We had only been home with ResponsiBoy for six months and we had been on her list again for about a week.  How did she have a situation already?  We shrugged and called her back, because it was unlikely the potential birth mother would choose us, and even less likely that she would then follow through with placement.

Imagine our surprise when we found out we had not only been chosen, but that our little guy had already been born.  The revocation period in this southwestern state was short, so it would be up by the time we could get there.  Our little guy had come prematurely, but he was holding his own, so the question was…were we coming now?


We hopped a plane and went to get him.  We had to stay in that hot, southwestern city for 10 days waiting for Interstate Compact to clear, but that was the hardest part of any of this.  Amazing.

FPM and Middle-Middle

This time, I got to feed the first bottle.
FPD and Middle-Middle

Brotherly love.  

who hardly remembers a time when there were only two FullPlateKids.  It seems like so long ago.  

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