**This post is part of my seven kids in six days series.  Over the next six days I will be recounting how each of our kids joined our family, not THEIR story, but OUR story.  This is the story of FPD and my journey to each of them.  Throughout the posts, I’ve linked to the adoption agencies and people who helped us find them.  Well, the ones we would recommend anyway.***

Giganto’s adoption was a lot like his personality, easy to deal with, but filled with unexpected surprises.  When you meet our now 6-year-old, you would think he was all big and tough.  He’s easily the size of an average 8-year-old boy.  He’s not one though.  He’s my most sensitive guy.  His feelings are easily hurt, and he likes to be babied.  He also has a speech delay, so he speaks with a lisp that I absolutely adore.  I know he won’t always be okay with it so we’re working on it, but for now, I love the way he talks.

When we set out to adopt Giganto, we went straight to the agency that had brought us ResponsiBoy.  This time we requested a girl.  The staff told us this would make our wait longer, and we told them that was fine.  Again, we were matched quickly, with a baby that was due to be born any day.  We were told that according to the ultrasound, the baby was a girl.

We received a call three days later, after I had painted a wall or two pink, that our baby was born.  He was healthy, and he was a boy.  We were stunned.  Again, the staff asked if we were still coming.  Again…YES!!!  I can’t imagine life without our little/big man.  He is the first to hug me when I’m sad.  He has the biggest heart of anyone I know and he is such a faithful guy.  He tells me often “God is taking care of our China Baby mom, I know He is.”

Two boys are about to become three.  

Meeting our new baby.

All my boys…for now.

He always looked like a little man.
They wanted their brother to have a pacifier so badly, because how could you not love it?  He didn’t.

He wanted to sleep with his new brother so much.  ResponsiBoy slept.  Giganto didn’t.

who sees a little pink in her future.  The Diva is up next.  

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