The Diva

**This post is part of my seven kids in six days series.  Over the next six days I will be recounting how each of our kids joined our family, not THEIR story, but OUR story.  This is the story of FPD and my journey to each of them.  Throughout the posts, I’ve linked to the adoption agencies and people who helped us find them.  Well, the ones we would recommend anyway.***

What can I say about the little girl who brought pink into my world?  She came into the world just like she lives in it.  Full of sass.

She wore her hair ribbons well, even when she was just days old.  

We didn’t wait long at all for the Diva.  In fact, we had four different birth mothers looking at our profile at the same time.  All pregnant with little girls.  Apparently, at that time, there were a lot of ladies who thought our boys would make great big brothers.

They weren’t wrong.

Her adoption was done through a private attorney that I wouldn’t recommend.  In fact, I wouldn’t recommend that type of adoption to anyone.  There was no support for the Diva’s birth mom.  I had to find her a therapist, in a strange city, with a newborn, when they failed to do it.  The only saving grace was our referral coordinator.  She was lovely.  I would recommend her.  Since it all ended with this…

FPM and the Diva

We’re pretty grateful.

So sassy, even then.  

Even though I went to get her all by myself (I shouldn’t say all by myself, my very supportive dad & mom were there, I was just minus my better half which is almost unheard of), the Diva is a true Daddy’s girl.  She still cries when he goes to work, when I ask her what is the matter she says “I just want my DAAAADDDDYYY!”  I don’t hold it against her, much.  
who is lucky to have so much pink in her life now.  

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