Saying that adoption is a roller coaster has almost become cliche.  Unfortunately, cliche or not, it’s totally true.  After nearly having a mental breakdown yesterday about the fact that we hadn’t received Travel Approval (TA), which meant the government of Chi*a was likely not expediting anything, I was ready to give up.  Tears were shed, years were lost off my life, and then…

It came.  
It arrived yesterday afternoon.  I hadn’t slept for real in days now.  Last night, I did.  
The world seems to be making everything harder just in time for us to travel.  I have to remind myself that this is always the way that it is.  I’m emotionally prepared this time.  Life gets messier the closer I get to travel.  It happens every single blessed time.  I’ve been sick with a cold/sinus stuff for nearly a week.  I never get sick!  I have about 50 pages of documentation to send in to get FMLA at work.  I hate paperwork.  Bubbly is feeling the stress by acting out in school.  This is the nature of the beast.  I’ve got the house prepped and I’m going to start lining up people to help with the kids.  
It will be okay.  
In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be here…  
Then I’ll be here…

But, most importantly, I’ll finally be here…

who plans to hug that angry little look right off her sweet face.  

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