Half her little life.

Bubbly is 6 years old today.  

Well, we think it’s today.  We’re honest with our kids from Ghana that we aren’t very sure when they were born, but that this is the day we chose to celebrate how much we love them and how happy we are that they came into our lives.  So, does the date really make a difference?  Birthdays.  They’re a social construct anyway, right?  They’re also pretty darn important to a 6-year-old.

My girlie has been with us for as long as she was without us now.  She has lived with us for half her little life.  Amazing.  She has come so far.  So far.  In case I don’t say it to you enough, Bubbly, you amaze me.  You are just about the strongest little girl I know.  To be tied only by the little girl we are about to bring home.

Bubbly, you’re about to have a sister who will probably have some of the same worries and fears that you did, and still do.  You’ll have so much strength and courage you can share with her.  You’ll have so much insight that you can share with us.  Had I known what you had lived through, I would have done things so differently.  We’re on the right track now.  We need to get our Dolly on that track too.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you grow and change into the wonderful big sister that I know you will be and already are.

who is hoping for half again, and so much more, with her precious daughter.

One thought on “Half her little life.

  1. I just love that smile! I bet she is going to love having another little sister, and I bet Dolly will love Bubbly just as much! She’s irresistable.Happy Birthday, Bubbly!

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