Here…for now.

I landed yesterday at 3:30pm Beijing time, which would make it about 2:30am my time.  I slept a little on the plane, but the lovely Chinese woman sitting next to me needed to pee about 150 times over 13 hrs and 45 mins and she also had a h*ll of a time navigating her personal entertainment screen.  I must look especially friendly, because even with a sleep mask on, she kept tapping me and gesturing wildly to her screen.  It was hard to figure out exactly what she wanted to watch, since I don’t speak Chinese and she doesn’t speak english, so I just kept selecting random Chinese movies for her, hoping it would keep her entertained.  Then we played some Bejeweled Blitz, with me showing her where to move.  It was a little ridiculous, but now that I’m out of the situation, I find it slightly amusing.  I’m pretty sure she asked me for my phone number.  She kept saying “iPhone”, “iPhone”.  So either that, or she wanted me to give her my phone.  Either way lady, it ain’t happening.  I’ve been to Africa, remember?  Lesson learned the hard way, unless you want everyone and their mother calling you at all hours of the night, you don’t give your U.S. number to ANYONE.

I leave for Xi’an at 5pm Beijing time.  At 4pm tomorrow, Orphan Sunday, they’re supposed to bring me Dolly.  I have no clue how that’s going to go, so if you’re the praying kind, now is the time to send them up.  I have lollipops galore, but I know that’s only going to temporarily soothe the anguish of what she’s about to go through.  I remember how awful this was for Bubbly, who was only about a year older.  I have a lovely photo of her laying across the back of a Ghanaian cab screaming her little head off.  I remember how hard this was for ShyGuy.  I have vivid memories of hauling him into the same kind of Ghanaian cab to go, once again, to the Embassy in Accra.  Man, he hated it there.  Man, I hated it there.

Grief is terrible for these kids, and we’re about to encounter it again.

I’m about to meet my guide for the day who I will tip largely for putting up with my touristy neverending photo snapping of the Great Wall, which I have only dreamed of seeing ever since I first visited the China pavilion in EPCOT.

who would say goodbye in Chinese, but has no clue how.


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