Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday, or it will be for y’all in the U.S. when you finally wake up. Today is a day to pray for the 147-153 million children living in this world who have lost a parent. Not all of those children need to be adopted. There is a world of good you can do by sponsoring a child’s education or nutrition. Go. Research. Do.

For those of you who are like FPD and I and need a child in ways you can’t even begin to explain, adoption is a wonderful option.

In about 2.5 hours I will be blessed with the privilege of becoming Dolly’s legal guardian. Tomorrow, I’ll go back and sign the papers that will make her our daughter. There will be one less child in an orphanage tonight and my heart will grow a little bigger.

who can’t wait to fill this little crib with her baby!

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