Better Days

Good part is that Dolly’s cough is better, bad part is, the wheezing is apparently just how she breathes.  Imagine living with croup all the time.  Yeah, that’s how she breathes.  I remember another little girl from Ghana who breathed a little like that.  We’ll hope that Dolly’s outcome is equally as good.  As I type, I have Gerber puffs lined up at the top of my keyboard to hand to her one by one.  We’ve reached the stage where food, and I, can’t leave her site.   I’m trying to teach her how to put them into her own mouth.  Yeah, we’re not there yet.  So, every few seconds I shove one in, she makes the fish face and sucks it down happily while holding the bag of them.  The bag goes EVERYWHERE.  It reminds me of Bubbly and the granola bar that stayed with her the first six months she was home.  It’s sad when food is your security blanket.

We’re in Xi’an now.  I’m not going to lie, I liked Beijing a whole lot better.  It’s cold here, and REALLY polluted.  Beijing’s air quality is better because they needed the world to see it that way when it hosted the Olympic games.  There is more public transportation, and it actually yields to pedestrians.  I was stupid to think traffic in Accra was dangerous for pedestrians.  This is HORRIFIC.  I’ve been told not to even attempt to cross the street.  Great.

We did go sightseeing this morning and even though I am without an interpreter WAY more then I thought I would be, please take note of the slight bitterness in my tone, we’re making it work.  I managed to pantomime to some random on the street today until he found a friend, who found a friend, who sold me an adapter so I could plug in my computer.  The equivalent of 8 USD.  Done.  We went out to eat yesterday and I ordered all by myself and ate in a restaurant that obviously had never served anyone not of Chinese descent.  And I ate it all with chopsticks, with Tess sitting in my lap.  It was messy, but a good memory.  I don’t care to know what I ate.  The lady said it was chicken, but only after I pointed at it and said “chicken?”  So maybe she was like, sure lady, if you say so.  I’m not dead yet, so we’ll go with it.

Here are some pics from our adoption registration yesterday.  Dolly is a FullPlateKid forever.

who had someone tell her that 8 is a lucky number in China.  I agree wholeheartedly.  

2 thoughts on “Better Days”

  1. I know a boy who breathes a little like that, too. He just finished a season of football!I remember eating the rice and stew in Ghana, with my right hand (I’m a lefty), and the kids were howling with laughter because I was so terrible at it. I was stubborn enough to refuse a spoon. I can hold my own with chopsticks, though.I think I like 8 too. It’s a good number!


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