From the Walls of a City as Old as Time.

All Chinese adoptions are performed in the provincial capital.  Even though Dolly was found about three hours from where we are currently, we had to come here to complete her paperwork.  We’re in the city of Xi’an (Shee-an) in the Shaanxi Province.  It is the original capital of China.  Today we visited one very ancient Buddhist temple.  

Dolly was less than quiet or prayerful, during the tour, which made me laugh.  Her squealing and laughing amuses me.  You would never think the girl had a heart condition.  Well, not until you listened to her breathe, or asked me how old she is.  She’s got a voice on her, that’s for sure.  It will serve her well in our house.

Here we are outside the pagoda.  
After that tour we went and climbed the ancient city walls.  The history of this city is amazing.  The art, the architecture, it’s all totally overwhelmingly beautiful.  The traffic, not so much.  Apparently, a subway is being constructed to help deal with this.  I can’t wait to come back, with FPD, and see the changes that will bring.  

On the city wall.  Our guide says they light all the lanterns at night, and occasionally the city holds special events on top of the walls.  Again, amazing.  
Here’s what greets me at every turn now.  A mom of another Baoji baby girl said that Dolly would “claim me” as her mom pretty quickly.  Consider it done.  I can’t set her down.  She won’t sleep in her own bed, and again, the girl’s got a set of pipes.  


who can’t wait to get her home to hear her shout “DADAAAA!” a couple of times too.

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