Encouraging News.

I’m sorry this post is picture-less.  The food here got me and I’ve been sicker then I’ve been in a long time.  Without getting graphic (and for those Seinfeld fans out there), the streak has ended.  I feel better today though.  Not well enough to tour the Safari Park, but thankful that whatever illness this was ended quickly.  

Our Dolly has been doing great health wise.  She is a handful though.  She won’t nap and wants to be entertained constantly.  Thank goodness my dad is here now.  I have NO clue what I would have done with her yesterday while I was so sick.  We both would have been miserable.

We did Dolly’s visa medical exam yesterday.  This is where a Chinese doctor, or three, looks at her and declares her fit to leave the country.  Surprisingly, the cost of the exam was the exact same amount I paid for the three children we had this done for in Ghana, and the experience was similar (minus having to collect a stool culture, thank GOD for that).  I was SO nervous that they would look at Dolly and tell me she’s too sick to leave.  I’ve never heard of that happening before, but occasionally the Chinese will declare children too sick to be adopted, so it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Instead, we got the opposite news.  Both our guide (who has been working in special needs adoptions for 16 years and has seen several kids with congenital heart defects) and the Chinese doctor think her Echocardiogram is wrong.  They think she looks WAY too healthy to have a single ventricle and TGA.  The doctor could see she is cyanotic (blue) around her fingertips and mouth when she cries, but that clears quickly when she stops.  She breathes fast and there is definite sucking around her rib cage, but the doctor could also hear lingering crackles from her pneumonia.  We know she’ll need a surgery to fix whatever is wrong, but God willing, maybe it won’t be as bad as predicted.  We’ll know more when we have an Echocardiogram done in the U.S.  This is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.

I promise to take more pictures today, because I know that’s what y’all come for.  I’m not ashamed to say, my baby is pretty darn cute!!!

who is being MUCH more selective about that she eats.  

2 thoughts on “Encouraging News.”

  1. Hoping that good news stays at that her u.s docs will confirm the same news. Glad you feeling better today and super happy I was finally able to get linked to your blog and not someone else’s. ;P I love reading all about your beautiful journey. You’ve also helped me realize what a WIMP I am and how amazing strong and brave you are. I think I would be terrified to go to another state let alone country by myself. You inspire me.


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