Scenes from Guangzhou

The time I’ve spent here in Guangzhou has been so different then the time I spent “in province”.  This has definitely been the break in the trip, the halfway point if you will, it is a definite “that was then, and this is now” kind of a feeling.  I’ll be heading home in just 5 days.

We are moving slowly, enjoying life here.  The weather has been cool, I’ve actually been able to sleep at night, knowing that my dad is watching over Dolly and her well being just as closely as I am.  I’m getting used to the way she moves and breathes, her every wheeze doesn’t freak me out as badly as it did before.  I’m getting to know her.  She is truly becoming mine.

We begin each morning with eye contact and holding her while she eats.  This is obviously new to her since she grips that bottle for dear life with her tiny fingers.  She obviously held her own bottle at the orphanage.  No more, baby girl.  No more.

The girl has obviously seen a TV before.  She watches with Bupa (my dad) while I get ready.  This will end when we get home.

For now, whatever this show is totally intrigues her.  Maybe she gets it, because I sure don’t.

We stroll and see the local sights.  Today we went shopping at the local market.

I did not buy any of these.

Or these.
We try to eat locally, and savor the Cantonese cuisine.  When they brought this to our table though, I politely passed.  Good lord, it had a tongue.
We end the day with a bath.  She digs it now.  At the beginning, not so much.  I enjoy this time with her, just her, getting to know her and her mighty little personality.  

who is finally settling in, just in time to leave.

4 thoughts on “Scenes from Guangzhou”

  1. Becky,She is absolutely beautiful!! So glad to hear things are going well, and that you are feeling better. Safe travels in a few days, and look forward to seeing pics of this little one meeting her dad and siblings!!


  2. My heart went out to you and your family as I read the part of you wondering what you brought upon yourselves. I too have had those concerns and thoughts and I do feel as though some people that don’t get adoption think just that when they look at us. However it’s so much for then that and I know you already know this. It’s not what you’ve brought upon yourselves it’s what God has chosen you and your family to be apart of and has prepared you for will continue to prepare you for. It’s so wonderful to see Dolly in your arms and to witness her smile, even in a picture. I’m so glad the Lord has brought you all together and that you were able to feel the peace in a moment of need. I truly love how Heavenly Father works!


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