Consulate Day.

I barely slept last night.  I probably won’t sleep much tonight either, not until I have what I need in my hand.  Dolly’s passport is at the Consulate right now.  They have told me that they will print her visa tomorrow and stick it in there.  This visa is her golden ticket to the United States, to the medical care she so desperately needs.  
If Ghana taught me one thing, it was not to count my golden tickets until they’re hatched.  I will rest when that visa is firmly in her Chinese passport and that passport is in my hand.  Today we very nervously celebrated her impending citizenship.  We dressed up.  We took pictures before we went to the Consulate.  

She was a little bewildered by all the hoopla.

She did great though.  She was very patient as I held her in my arms and took the oath with all the other  nervous parents.  It was quite the unreal experience.  I was trying so hard not to cry as I held her in my arms, raised my right hand, and could only think about what coming to the U.S. means for her.  It is truly life or death for our little girl.

After all those weeks of fighting to get the GhanaDuo’s paperwork just right for Ghana, Dolly’s took about five minutes for China to review.  I answered the questions succinctly, and without a lot of detail, just as I have learned is best.

We were in and out in 90 minutes.  Five weeks or 90 minutes?  I’ll take the Hague process any day even though it meant a whole lot more paperwork on the front end, it was worth it today.

All of it was worth it.

who promises to update tomorrow when she has that golden ticket.  

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