We Pray for Odd Things.

Dolly has a big appointment tomorrow.  We will be going to the local children’s hospital to have her first Echocardiogram done and then to meet with her Cardiologist.  I’m crazy nervous, but for the first time since we got home, where I’ve only felt overwhelmingly scared, I feel really hopeful.

When we met with her pediatrician yesterday she thought Dolly looked really good, almost too good to have the defect we thought she had.  We’re all very hopeful that maybe the Echo she had done in China was read incorrectly and that instead of missing a piece of her heart, she is only missing a piece of the wall of the chamber between the ventricles of her heart.

Here’s a picture of the portion that we’re hoping she’s missing.  You know, just in case you slept through that part of anatomy and physiology.  Because I didn’t.  Well, maybe just a little.

If our Dolly does have this defect, versus having a single ventricle, it would still mean an open heart surgery, but it would mean a much less serious one, with many less long term implications for our baby girl.  It’s probably odd to pray for another heart defect all together, but such is the life of a mom of a chronic illness, you pray for things to just not be as bad as what they could be.

Tomorrow we pray for that, weird as it may be.

who keeps praying “large VSD, come on, large VSD!!!”  

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