In Honor of the Black Friday Creeper.

I’m not talking about the kind of skeevey looking guy who watches you pick out your underwear at Target.  Yes, that happened to me once.  It was gross, in a really sad way.

I’m actually talking about my daughter.

As I dashed madly from store to store with Giggles holding all my fliers that were tabbed and marked for convenience and speed, FPD texted me this video.  It was titled “Get Out Your Kleenex”.  The man knows me.  I’m not usually a crier, but I have been lately.  A lot.

Tears of joy, for a daughter who AMAZES me over and over.

Folks, she is creeping across our floors now.  Slowly, but surely.  This is a little girl that has been with me for three weeks on Sunday.   This is a girl that couldn’t sit up steadily when they handed her to me.  She cried weakly and could hardly hold her arms up.  She now stands on her own two feet and is creeping.  So amazing!!!
As I thought about where she came from, I felt a pang of guilt as I looked at the pile of stuff in my cart and then back at my cell phone and the video.  I could be doing SO much more with my money.  So much more for kids like our Dolly.  Alas, if I gave away all our Christmas funds, I would have seven very sad little children, and Christmas is partially about bringing joy to them too.  So, Giggles and I paired down our purchases and agreed that maybe shopping with a purpose was the way to go.  This year, my kids, and all of my extended family will be receiving gifts that give to others.  
That said, I have to point out how many great ways there are to shop with a purpose…
Dolly’s necklace is still on sale.  
The ‘Unbroken’ necklace was created by another adoptive mom in honor of all the kids like Dolly who are left behind.  Dolly would have been able to be a creeper a WHOLE lot faster then 21 mos of age if she had proper physical therapy while she was waiting for us to get to her.  All proceeds from the sale of Dolly’s necklace will go to the Katie Mary Project which trains staff in China on PT and sets up rooms and equipment INSIDE of orphanages.  Oh man, Dolly would have been even more UNSTOPPABLE.  

You can click HERE to purchase.

How about helping bring three kiddos home from Ghana?  The birth place of our Bubbly and the Duo will always hold a special place in my heart.  So much beauty and pain, all in one place.  These mamas have put together a one-stop shopping destination for all your holiday needs.

Go HERE to shop.

If you’re like me and you have to do some shopping outside of jewelry, tees, etc. then use a link through Amazon.  There are multiple charities and several fundraising families that are receiving donations from Amazon when you use their link to purchase.  Just look for a link on the website of a charity that really speaks to you.  It costs you nothing and blesses them a WHOLE lot.

There are a lot of ways to support orphans that don’t involve actually adopting.  We understand that it’s not for everyone, but if we all do our part, we can make a whole lot of difference.

who knows what a difference just one person can make.

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