7 Quick Takes Friday

I saw this at Conversion Diary and decided I liked that Fridays would be a bullet points/post-it note kind of a blogging day.  Here are my seven quick takes on this week.  Well, the ones you don’t already know about.

I feel like I’m walking a fine line between being a supportive mom of a child with a chronic illness and letting my whole world be eaten up by this.  I don’t want to become that person who ONLY talks about her sick little daughter.  So, I’m not going to.  Leading up to Dolly’s cardiac cath, we’re spending the weekend doing some normal family things, like putting up Christmas decorations.  The kids are hoping our elf from the shelf makes his appearance this weekend.  I have a feeling he will.  
I have most of my Christmas shopping done for our kids.  I’ll have to write a post on what that looked like, because I did most of it on Black Friday.  Well, Giggles and I did most of it.  She now knows the secret of Santa, or the lack there of, so she has become Santa’s helper.  She likes it.  I like having the company while I run all over looking for a LaLaLoopsy “rollercoaster”.  Oy ve.  
I have gotten more questions with this adoption then with of any of our other children about whether or not we’ll adopt again.  FPD says no.  He always says no.   He was done after Responsiboy and Middle-Middle.  He’s done after every child.  I’ve learned to give the man some room to breathe.  We need to see how Dolly does too.  So, my concrete answer is…heck if I know.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s never say never.  The right child would have to come along at the right time, just like the other seven times.  That said, we only have room for one more in our house.  After that, we have to be done, or we have to move.
My parents have offered to have our kids over to watch Back to the Future II at their house tonight.  FPD, Dolly and I will be going out to dinner.  Even though I’m so ridiculously excited, I’m also so ridiculously tired.  I’m more excited though, and way thankful that I have a mom and dad who are willing to do this for a couple of hours to give us a break.  
I have a 15 page paper due on Sunday.  This is very likely the last paper I will right in my grad school career.  I asked if I could have an extension and turn the paper in after Dolly’s cardiac cath.  I needed 48 hours more.  The professor said no.  Consequently, this will also be the worst paper of my grad school career.  Nothing like going out with a bang.
My coat room, which I refuse to call a mud room because I tell FPD it sounds too “common”, needs a major overhaul.  I’d like to do some built-ins.  I would love to see a locker in there for each child.  Something like this…
I think the number of children will be a problem again though.  I would need 8 lockers.  Maybe we need to rethink that move after all.  
I also majorly need to write thank you notes to everyone who helped my not so little family during my absence with Dolly.  The list is long, and I am lame for not being able to just get it done.  So much to do before my adoption leave ends and I re-enter the world of the working.  
who wishes you all a restful weekend!

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