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First, I just have to tell you this story.  It’s totally unrelated to anything I’m about to write about, but it just happened and it is SO indicative of what life is like around here that it simply must be shared.  The big kids are out of the house right now at various activities, FPD has the baby in a baby pack and is taking advantage of some unseasonably warm weather to take her and the dog for a hike (Dolly is an outdoor enthusiast for SURE), and the three other “littles” (Giganto, Bubbly and the Diva) are all coloring nicely.  For a moment, just a nanosecond, just a breath of time, there was a lull in this house, a pause in conversation and chaos if you will.  Y’all for a moment, the decibel level dropped to that of a normal household.  Well, at least it did until Giganto shouts out “THE QUIET IN HERE IS FA-REAKIN’ ME OUT!!!”  It must have been freaking the rest of the kids out too, because end of lull, and back to the decibel level of a regular-sized insane asylum.  Yeah, that’s what life is like around here, in a house where quiet FA-REAKS the “residents” out.  

I have been writing on this blog for over three years now.  It started as a means to journal the kids milestones because the children were growing in numbers and scrapbooking all their baby books was never going to happen.  I also thought it would be a great way to document all those ‘medical missions’ I was going to take.  Yeah, those medical missions turned into adoptions that rocked our world, in the best of ways, of course.

Suddenly, people started reading this blog, because our lives are like a circus.  I get that.  I watch reality television occasionally as well.  We are a little like Jon and Kate, but without the philandering and quite as much screaming.  I’m not perfect either, and surprisingly, people liked hearing that I’m not.  I was surprised at how many emails I got telling me they liked how honest I was about our lives, because somehow they perceived me as overly perfect.

Let me tell you right now, I’m not.  Someday, I’ll write a post about all the ways I’m not.  For now, I’m still gathering my courage to do this.

Then I started to get emails from people asking me to help them on their journey to adopt.  Could I point them in the direction of how we did it so many times? Could I tell them which agency we used?  Could I tell them what it’s like to parent a large family, or an inter-racial family?  I don’t mind those questions, when they’re phrased respectfully, of course.  In fact, I like it.  I like lending my experience and I love when a resource I’ve pointed someone to brings a child into their home.  So, this blog became a resource for adoption.

Then I started to get emails about the road we walked with Bubbly.  People wanted to know what we did.  How did we reconnect her little pathways and begin the process of healing her little heart?  I liked telling people what I’ve learned from that road, because I’ve learned so very much.

Last year, I started to get emails from individuals and organizations who wanted me to either review their wonderful products, post about ways they were helping, or link to their organization for donations.  Some of these folks are now listed in the sidebar of my blogs.  Some of them are going to start giving me free stuff to review products.  Some of these people are give me money every time you click on a link in the sidebar.

Here’s my issue.  FPD and I do fine.  Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t rich by any means.  We won’t be anyone’s 1% anytime soon.  You know what though?  I’m happy with that.  Happier then I’ve ever been, in fact.  For now, we’re blessed enough to have jobs that provide us with enough and allow us to do some fun stuff too (yay Disney World!!!).  We also have health insurance, which is of the utmost importance right now.  So, I had to make a decision.  What kinds of things would I be willing to review and what would I do with the money from your click clicking?

Here’s the answer I came up with after many, many hours of thought.  I’m only going to post about products that are for a purpose, and as for the money, FPD and I are going to give it right back.  Are you fundraising for an older/special needs adoption?  Are you an organization that needs some free advertising?  Do you have a cause that really touches your heart?  Email me.  We’ll put your badge in the side bar, I’ll post about you, and maybe, we’ll donate our click click fund to you.

Here’s the catch, you’ve got to be legit.  Once bitten, twice shy on donations.  I want causes that are active, on the ground, making lasting changes.  And, if you’re fundraising for an adoption and you decide to back out, I need to know that the money is going to stay in a fund attached to the child you were previously adopting.  How does one do that?  Through a Family in the Gap (FIG) Fund through an organization like Project Hopeful.  I know, I sound like a hard a**.  I am when it comes to this though.  Sorry.  I want to see a lasting change, and I ended up unknowingly hurting the kids that I tried to help in Ghana, including my own daughter.

That said, please go and click click.  We love increased traffic, it will only mean more money going to causes we all love.

who is excited about major clickage.

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