We Sure As Heck Are!!!

I am a lady who likes her research.  I research adoption.  I research attachment.  And when we decided to adopt a daughter with a likely lifelong medical condition, I researched the heck out of the resources available to us that would make this road a little easier to hoe.

As a peds heme/onc nurse I watched kids who were going through the absolute worst things imaginable be spurred on by the outpouring of kindness that the world has to offer.  Organizations out there go to great lengths to put smiles on the faces the kids who really need it.  For parents of these children though, accepting some of these offerings has become a hot button of controversy.  Some parents feel like accepting these offerings will make their child feel different, weaker, a charity case if you will.  All I can say is, Dolly is different.  The beginnings of her life were terrible, just like Bubbly’s beginnings were.  If there was a wish granting organization for kids who had suffered what Bubbly had, I would sign her up to.  There isn’t.

For Dolly, we’re taking it.  I’m taking all of what is offered to her.

When I saw that Icing Smiles was offering to make her a cake for her birthday in February, I JUMPED on the chance.  This organization works with a local baker who VOLUNTEER their time to make cakes for children who are affected by a life threatening illness.  I love this idea.  If you bake, what an awesome way to donate your talents and make someone’s day!  I love, love, love this and am so excited to see what kind of a cake Dolly ends up with for her special day.

I will jump on the chances offered to her in the future too.  Yes, I plan to apply for a Make-A-Wish for her someday when she is ready.  After all she’s going to live through, she absolutely has the right to have her dream come true.  She just needs to be old enough to actually have a dream, for something aside from a never-ending buffet.  Like I said, the girl, she likes her food.

who thinks a never-ending buffet might not be such a bad wish.  Giganto agrees.  

3 thoughts on “We Sure As Heck Are!!!

  1. I love this! Our kids are doing the santa flight today through Starlight foundation. I had to be talked into participating in starlight but then I realized that no matter how awesome my kids are they jsut can’t compete in some things – the eye opener was the stupid easter egg hunts. NOW, all of our kids get “rewarded” for the difference that our family is. Our big kids are “rewarded” for the awesome kids they are, the things they can’t do because of littles situations. And the littles they jsut get to be “normal” and special!

  2. And, like Yvette says, given that you have another child who will never qualify for “special” things like that even though she ought to, she can be blessed by what they are willing to give to Dolly and the whole family. (Yeah, there are no special cakes for kids suffering with mood/autism issues, no Make-a-Wish for that either. It reminds me of this article: http://www.thebalancedmind.org/learn/library/a-terrible-wish)I say take it all with no guilt whatsoever. You deserve it. 🙂

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