The Funny One…

Often takes it the hardest.  Dolly has been home almost three weeks now and we are now officially exiting the Honeymoon Phase.  While Bubbly is doing REALLY well at school, her behavior at home is utter crap.  This doesn’t surprise me.  Home is her safe place, she declines here first.  Bummer.  We got two calls from school this week about other kiddos though, one regarding Giganto and one about Middle-Middle.  Giganto didn’t surprise me.  He has trouble concentrating at school a lot.  He does well, but we have to ride him like a ten-cent pony to get him to do it.  Everything that’s going on at home has made that worse.
I also got a call about Middle-Middle.  That surprised me.  The boy works WAY above grade level, always has.  He has a ton of friends and always does great.  His teacher loves him.  Adores him.  All his teachers have.  He’s small, cute, polite and wants to learn.  He also has a wicked sense of humor.  He was born with this innate, very dry, sense of humor.  The boy understands what a good, funny, appropriate joke looks like.  I admire that about him.  He’s one of those kids that adults WANT to be around because he’s smart and funny.  When his darling of a teacher spoke with me this week, she told me he looked “sad and droopy”.  I kept him home because I thought he was getting sick again.  He was, but now I know that some of this doesn’t have anything to do with a virus.  
Yesterday we were explaining to the kids why it’s okay not to run and get everything for Dolly right away, especially when it comes to toys.  We want her to learn to move herself a little while she plays.  We want her to flip herself onto her belly, to crawl, to scoot, to experience things she never has before. Middle-Middle immediately balked at this.  I explained, again, why it was okay.  He told me, yet again, that it wasn’t.  I finally asked why he felt that way, and was shocked at the answer I got.  All the emotion came out in one big gush…
“I don’t want her to cry!  When she cries, she turns blue!  When she turns blue, it reminds me that my baby sister needs heart surgery!  It reminds me that she might DIE!!!”  
Then, he began to sob into my chest.
Oh my goodness.

It hits the funny one the hardest.  I’m not sure what to do about that.  
I hug him.  I reassure him.  In the end, he might be right.  He might lose the sister he adores.  Again, I wonder what I’ve done to everyone.  Then, I see our Dolly and I know how much she has added to all our lives.  But, I’m sad for the lessons my kids will have to learn along the way.  
It’s a rollercoaster, for sure.  
who is sad for her funny little guy.  

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