Here We Go Again.

After many days of going back and forth, we’re going to go forward with Dolly’s heart cath tomorrow.  We went to recheck her lungs on Monday and found out that while the pneumonia is better, her lungs just sound worse in general.  They sound more “gunky” then they did when she was diagnosed.  this global “gunk” (do you like my medical terminology?) is concerning because she needs general anesthesia.

The big question is, why do they sound worse?  She’s on antibiotics.  The pneumonia looks like it’s resolving.  So to rule it out, we decided to see if she could be aspirating.  This is where food goes into the lungs when swallowing.  I didn’t think this was possible.  She doesn’t gag while she’s eating.  She doesn’t seem like an aspirator.

She is.

Just a little though.  This is likely happening because of the way she was fed in China.  She was given a bottle with the nipple cut open and expected to drink very quickly.  Food was poured down her throat.  Some of it likely went into her lungs just because she couldn’t keep up.  She was little, had a heart problem, it was hard for her.  Her body got used to not coughing when food flows into her airway.  She longer protects her airway by coughing.  We won’t know if she’s aspirating.

So, we have to thicken all her foods, including her formula.  It’s only annoying.  It’s an easy fix though, so we’ll do it, and we’ll see if it helps her little lungs.

It might not.  This whole thing could be due to her heart.

We’ll know more tomorrow after we’ve done the heart cath.  A heart cath that is now a lot more risky because of the “gunk”.

I’m not thinking about that right now.  I’m taking the Scarlett O’Hara approach and worrying about that tomorrow.  Today, I’m getting all her little things packed up and I’m going to get my hair done.  Then, I’m going to come home and watch as my kids decorate our Christmas tree, a first for our baby girl.

who can’t wait for, and is dreading, tomorrow.  

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