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I Count My Blessings Instead of Sheep.

I’ve watched this movie about five times this Christmas season.  It’s an escape.  I love this part.  I love how before Bing sings to Rosemary, they eat turkey sandwiches and drink buttermilk.  Buttermilk.  No one drinks buttermilk anymore.  It’s sweet, and it feels Christmassy.

I like the meaning of the song too.  I took a couple days off from everything and just counted my blessings.  The weather helped me with that too.  We had an official blizzard up here in the arctic midwest and the whole world around me shut down for 48 hours.

God must have known how much I needed that.

All eight of my kids, whole days to wrap presents and do nothing but watch them go in and out to build snowmen and playing king of the mountain on the huge drifts that the wind created.

It was heaven.

This is all I can do right now, count my blessings and spend a whole lot of time in prayer.  For the next few days I’ll be focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.  There once was a lady who was in a position a lot like mine, handed a baby with no guarantees.  No promises of how long that baby would be here on earth with her.  Just the knowledge that God’s plan for Him would be truly spectacular.  I take comfort in, and celebrate, the birth of that child while I celebrate how lucky I am to have been given this life with mine.

who’ll fall asleep counting her blessings.

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