Resolution, Smesolution. Who needs ’em?

We don’t do New Year’s resolutions around here.  Mostly, because they don’t make sense to us, or to our Dolly.  She wants you to know that A LOT of things don’t make sense to her.  Like why won’t we feed her Pringles ALL THE TIME?  She loves that red can!  She shrieks with joy every time it comes out of the pantry.  Alas, it makes its appearance WAY too infrequently for her liking, and WAY too frequently for my waistline’s liking.  Pringles, they are my Kryptonite.  Sorry, got a little off track there.  
We do resolutions every day.  If you want to be better at something, it makes sense to change it right then, not to wait until an entire year goes by to change something.  Want to lose weight?  Lose it.  Want to quit smoking?  Quit.  Please.  We just lost our Great Uncle AND our Gumpa to lung cancer.  Seriously…quit now.
Instead of resoluting (I don’t think that’s really a word), we spent this New Year’s Eve toasting to our hopes for 2013.  Here are some of the FullPlate Hopes:  
–FPM, of course, hopes that we find a fix for Dolly’s heart that leaves her happy and health(ier) for all of 2013.
–FPD hopes that these surgical decisions will be behind us by the end of the year.  We’re exhausted with the deciding.  He wants a clear path and forward motion for our girl, and for our family.
–M-M would like to beat Skylanders for the XBox 360 by the end of 2013.  He also hopes that Lily and Scarlett get heart miracles.  One selfish hope, balanced by very unselfish hope for two little girls from Dolly’s homeland who are heart warriors too, and who deserve a year of health and happiness AT HOME and not in a hospital. 
–All our “little kids” (which includes Giganto, who is decidedly NOT little in anything but attitude) hope for a GREAT trip to Disney World in two weeks.  We have been blessed by some very kind people connected to Disney giving us some deals on tickets.  We are also very blessed to have the means to do this, as a family, before Dolly’s surgery.  
–ShyGuy was too shy to be able to put his hopes into words.  I thought that was cute, and very like him.  
–ResponsiBoy echoed Shyguy’s sentiment, but added that he just likes being with his family, and hopes that continues.  
–Giggles just smiled and shrugged when she was asked what she hopes for in the new year.  So, I asked her if she wanted to know my hope FOR her for 2013.  She giggled and said ‘sure’.  I told her I hoped that she would continue to be the kind and smart girl she is, but that she would KNOW how kind and smart she is and gain a little more confidence in her inner strength.  She cocked her head, asked me to repeat it, and when I did, she said she liked it.  So, this is her hope too.  
We asked my parents too, since they are participating more and more with our kids again, which I hope continues, because Responsiboy told me that things are WAY more fun when more people are involved (because he NEVER has enough people around him for his liking, the irony of that, being one of eight children, didn’t escape him).  
–My mom hopes that her children will continue to find their way back to being a part of each other’s lives, that communication will continue to improve.  It’s a good hope.  I hope it too.  Sometimes, words aren’t easy to find, especially after they’ve been lost for so long.  And, as a mom myself, I would never want words to be lost between my children, so I understand where she’s coming from.  All I can say is, we’ll get there, and that nothing is so broken that it can’t be fixed.  I know that.  So, I will add to my mom’s hope.  
I hope to be a better sister.  

–My dad is ending a career that he has had since he was 18.  2013 will bring a huge change as he joins the ranks of the retiring.  He hopes to spend as much time as possible with my mom, his kids and his grandkids.  I thought that was nice, and so in line with what we’ve all learned in 2012.  
Tomorrow isn’t ever a given.  Life is fragile.  Live every day like it’s your last.  
who hopes you have a prosperous and blessed 2013.  

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