How Does It Work? Taking This Show on the Road.

Sorry for the prolonged absence.  We’re all fine here.  No one has Influenza A (ahem, get your flu shot), but I do have one on Tamiflu now.  ShyGuy had an anaphylactic reaction to vaccines and can’t be vaccinated, but three kids in his class went home with flu today.  So, the decision has been made to immediately treat him to try to keep Dolly from getting Influenza.  That’s the last thing we need leading up to this surgery.

The Tamiflu isn’t the reason for the absence though.  The massive amount of packing is.  We’re getting ready to make our annual trip south for this year.  We live in the cold, snowy midwest.  Every year we leave for a week to head to Disney World.  Yeah, it’s that time again.  This year, I’m WAY more excited than normal.  Although we’re very blessed to do this, I don’t usually get as excited as I am right now.  I’m excited to be doing this as a family of 10.  Yes, I said I’m excited to be doing this as a family of 10.  No, you read that correctly.  It wasn’t a hallucination.

Packing up and moving out this crew in an organized manner takes some doing.  Let me tell ya, it’s a multi-step process that involves starting about a week in advance so that I don’t lose my stuff staying up until 1am the night before we leave making sure everyone has a swim suit.  I promised not to lose it on my family this year.  Although, tonight I broke that promise a little when one child who shall remain nameless (ahem…Middle-Middle) managed to lose his ipod and blame everyone BUT himself for it.  I try to be more prepared to take that kind of stress out of the equation.

Here’s how it goes:

I started two weeks in advance this time because I work three days this week at the clinic.  Two weekends ago we went into “travel preparedness” laundry mode.  This means that instead of doing two loads per day, I do three.  This insures everyone has everything they could possibly need clean and ready to be packed.

I pack one child each night a week leading up to the trip.  The boys get packed first.  They’re the easiest.  There are no tiaras to pack.  No frilly dresses.  They only need two pairs of shoes.  Not my girls.  Oh my goodness, when you’re African/African-American, your hair products and hair pieces could fill a suitcase unto themselves.  Multiply that times three.  Thank God Dolly is Asian.  I can’t braid anymore hair, y’all.

Tonight, I had the kids help me charge all the electronics and pack their “car buckets”.  Each kid has a bucket for under their seat in the van.  It’s filled with their Nintendo DS, Nintendo games, books, colored pencils, homework, etc.  It’s everything they’re getting for a 20+ hour car ride.  I have a bucket too.  It’s not nearly as fun.  It’s filled with air sick bags, Lasix, inhalers, a couple of Epi-pens and some Clorox wipes.

We roll out at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.

who knows, firsthand, that Illinois is the LONGEST state EVER.  

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