She just Smiles.

This is Bubbly at Halloween, the night before I left to go get Dolly.  Bubbly wanted a ghost costume.  She didn’t want anything that went over her head and she wanted something “princessy”.  We settled on a tutu ghost costume.  She loved it.  
The next morning I left for China and brought home a sister that rocked all our worlds.  When you’re living “on the spectrum” as Bubbly is right now, change is hard.  We’ve had our moments with her, but honestly, she has done so much better than I ever could have imagined.  She totally rose to the occasion.  She just smiles through the change, all the while, loving her baby sister more than anything.  
This just shows me that the sky is the limit for our girl.  Somehow, while I’ve been so busy with Dolly, Bubbly learned to read.  I’m not saying she did it all herself.  She loves to be read to, and she has a phenomenal Kindergarten teacher who is like another parent to our kids.  This all helps, but still, she stunned me with how quickly she picked it up.  When she came home so proud, with her first book that she could read independently, I asked her how the heck she had learned to read so well and she just smiled at me.  She lights up the world around her.  
In July of 2009, I walked through our front door with a little girl that had lived through something no child should ever have to live through.  She didn’t speak any english.  She was raw, hurt and so, so confused.  She smiled anyway.  She smiled all the time, that crazy, joyful little pearly toothed smile.  She smiled even when she hurt so badly.  

Bubble is almost a full two years older than the Diva.  This pic shows just how much she has grown.  She is no longer the same size as her little sister.  And, her hair is no longer a sickly orange color.  

She is no longer the same hurt little girl.  
I find strength in the smallest of people.  Bubbly is one of those people.  We’re getting ready to leave to go to the happiest place on earth.  Bubbly, of course, can’t stop smiling.  Which means, I can’t stop smiling.  
who will need all the joy she can get to make it through a 20 hour car ride with 8 kids.  

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