Mighty Mite

Hey Mighty,
We found you today.  I think you might have been waiting awhile for someone to find you.  I have no idea how many lists you landed on, how many people looked at your file or who considered you but decided that you weren’t truly theirs.

All I know is, I’m glad it happened, because you are SO ours.

Here’s the deal, we just adopted your little sister from a province to the north of yours.  When we adopted her, the process was supposed to go fast, and it went SO slow.  SO blessedly slow.  Your medical needs aren’t even really medical.  You were just born different.  We’re very happy with you just the way you are, but because those differences aren’t actively making you sick, there’s no hope that this process will go any kind of fast.  Because of this, we’re going to keep you our little family secret for now.

We’ll see how long that lasts.  You see, you’re coming to a family that has nine people with big mouths.
I’ll let you guess which one isn’t a big mouth (HINT:  It’s NOT me).  

For now, I’m journaling everything here and saving it in draft form.  On the day your country of birth says YES to our application to adopt, I’ll hit publish, and in one big download, your story will be here for all to see, and the world will know just how excited we are to call you ours.

I was looking for a little guy just like you.  I always I thought dwarfism was no big deal, but your dad took a little longer to agree.  He worries about how you’ll feel being in a family of average height people.  I reminded him that he’s nowhere near average height.  Touché.

And, we’re not the average family.  For example, I was sure you were mine because you are you, your brothers and sisters were sure you belong here because someone happens to have stuck you in a Mickey Mouse sweater.  They think that means you’ll share their love of the happiest place on earth.  I told them that, eventually, I’m sure you will.

For now, these are the pictures we have of you.  We look at them every day, pray for you and absolutely can’t wait to meet you.

who is completely in love with a grainy little picture.

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