Thank you to everyone who has emailed me, called us, sent things that will make Dolly’s hospital stay less traumatic.  You all amaze me with your kind words.

I’ve been crafting a lot lately, working on projects that will make her hospital room feel like a place filled with hope.  A wonderful co-worker gave us a very cute heart shaped pillow.  A friend sent our Dolly the prettiest blanket in my favorite trendy pattern, chevron.

I managed to use the color scheme of these two items to make her a canvas to hang over her hospital bed.

She knew that she was formed by God’s hands,
dreamed up in his heart
and placed in this world
for a purpose.  

These words are true for everyone, but are something I have to hold on to so tightly as we enter this next phase for Dolly.  There’s a purpose to all of this.  I may not understand it, but knowing that, well, that’s the very definition of faith.  
Of all the notes, emails and inspirational quotes I received though, this one is the one is the one that put me into the ugly cry.  
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for adopting me.  I like this family.
You are the best mom and dad I have had.
Form (From),
All the pain that ShyGuy has suffered over the last three years has had a purpose.  It has led us to this moment.  All I can do is pray that three years from now, I receive a note with misspellings and tiny penguin stamps from Dolly, telling me how much she loves our family too.
Those would truly be amazing words.
who feels like ugly crying again.  Thank you everyone for loving our little girl.  

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  1. We will cover Dolly in prayer (just like Ivy Joy) and believe that HE is in control! I pray that God will calm your momma heart and give you peace before, during and after.So glad to hear you had a funtastic vacation!! Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you protect Dolly and her family in the next few days. Give them peace and comfort and let them feel your presence. Protect Dolly during her surgery and heal her precious body.In YOUR name I pray and believing that your are the GREAT Physician…Amen!

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