For My Tiny Two-Year-Old

My darling Dolly, you’re two-years-old TODAY.  I’m making a big deal out of your birthday here because we didn’t make any kind of deal out of it at home.  It became an unspoken rule amongst your daddy, siblings and I that we would focus on now and celebrate when this was all over.  We have big plans to incorporate your favorite into your birthday celebration…Chinese food.  I see steamed dumplings and a dragon themed cake in your future.

For now, I’m sitting in the Family Waiting Room at one of the nation’s largest children’s hospitals praying for the miracle you’ve worked so hard for.  You fought so hard to hang on for us.  Baby girl, we need you to keep on fighting.  They tell me you’re doing amazing…keep it up!!!

who will update when she sees her sweet baby’s face again.

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