We’ve Come So Far.

You were so scared that day.  I was too.  You were so tiny and sick.  I knew we would be holding onto these pictures for eternity, so I smiled nicely, but two seconds later, I turned to the nanny who had been caring for you and said “Is this ALWAYS the way she breathes?”  She shrugged and I turned to the guide, panic in my voice, and said “We need to go NOW!  She’s very sick.”  

A week and a half later, you were so much better.  You stopped crying, and you started wondering if this was for real.  Was this permanent?  Would you always have food?  Would someone always be there to comfort you when you were upset or hurt?
Pretty soon you started to forget where you had come from, and you only knew us, and we prayed you always know how very much we both adore you.  

Then, you became what I can only describe as… truly happy.

In just a few short hours, you’ll know pain again.   I’m so sorry, baby girl.  It has to be this way so that we have a chance to see many, many more smiles, to have many more adventures, and to have more time together.  You have an amazing future in front of you my brave, strong girl.  This will help you get there.  I can only pray that you’ll continue to love and trust me even after this is over.

who is ready for tomorrow to just be done.

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