The Before and After.

I don’t have any photos of what Dolly herself looks like after surgery.  Sorry.  For those parents who want to know, please email me.  I’m happy to walk you through what we’ve experienced thus far.  While this is a journal for Dolly, this blog also got over a thousand hits yesterday.  I love, love, love that so many people are thinking about our baby!!!  Thank you to everyone who emailed me good thoughts and prayers from all over the world.  Australia…praying for Dolly.  The UK…praying for Dolly.  Ghana, her sibling’s homeland…praying for Dolly.  I love it!  Because so many people read this, I feel the weight of responsibility concerning just what I post.  I would hate to post a picture in this public of a forum that would embarrass her.

I can show you this…

This was pre-op.  Her chest doesn’t look like this anymore.  Honestly, I thought I would be horribly upset by it.  I am horribly upset that she is in pain, but her chest looks better to me now.  The surgeon’s skilled hands were able to “pull up” her rib cage so that it isn’t so splayed and make more room for her swollen, but newly mended, heart.


We came back to the CICU with these…

Can’t tell what they are?  They’re IV pumps.  Yes, Dolly has THAT many meds pumping into her little body right now.  It’s lit up like a Christmas tree in here.  I thought I would be horribly upset by it.  Instead, I’m grateful.  I’m grateful that we have the medical technology to give her what she needs and that we are blessed enough to have one of the country’s best surgeons taking care of our baby.  And the nursing staff.  SO BLESSED!  I love them.

Dolly has continued to sail over hurdles.  Yesterday’s updates out of the operating room were AMAZING.  The Nurse Practitioner who works with our surgeon kept coming out and saying things like “you won’t believe this but…we’re done working on her aorta,”  or  “you won’t believe this but…we’re completely done with the repair and she’s barely bleeding,”  or, my personal favorite “you won’t believe this but…we were able to take her breathing tube OUT in the OR and she’s coming back to the room breathing all on her own.”  Well, to be fair, she has a little Oxygen pumping into her nose, but her lungs are doing FABULOUSLY.

Residents, nurses, doctors in OTHER specialties all flocked to her just to look at the little girl who 12 weeks ago YESTERDAY joined our family from a Chinese orphanage where she was left to die of a condition that children usually have corrected in their first MONTH of life.

If I hadn’t believed before, I would now.

My baby is a miracle.

We have a long road in front of us.  Dolly fought her sedation all night last night.  She fought so hard that her urine output dropped and the pressures in her heart went up.  We’ll need to adjust some things today to give her tiny body time to heal from the major hit it has taken.

But, for now, on the day of her 3 month adoption anniversary and her second birthday, our baby was granted a miracle.

I couldn’t be more grateful for everything we’ve been given.  One step at a time.

who is ready to see just a few of those machines take.a.hike.  Come on baby girl!  God’s got this!  

5 thoughts on “The Before and After.

  1. Praising God for every little miracle that served as a stepping stone to this mighty one…and praying miraculous healing continues in Dolly’s tiny body. ♥

  2. Praise GOD!!! I prayed off and on all day yesterday. Had HSS praying too!!! I’ve got tears in my eyes as I’m so happy for you and Dolly. And you, my friend, are precious!!! Love your photo! So Happy Birthday Little Dolly and Happy New Heart Day!! Can’t wait to hear about your celebration soon!!Love from CO & HSS!

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