We Stumbled A Little.

We were told that with a procedure this big we should expect a couple steps forward and a step back as we travel the road to recovery.

We took our step back today.

We tried to do too much at once and my peanut got overwhelmed.  She spiked a fever and everything took a very sharp nosedive.  Her kidneys protested and she stopped peeing.  Her blood glucose rose to an unreadable number on the meter.  Her cardiac output started to tank.


In the end, her echocardiogram looked good.  So, we changed her sedation medications and managed her pain meds.

Tonight, she is a new woman.


We’ll likely see a few more of these small set backs as we move forward.  I’m okay with that as long as we are, indeed, moving forward.

In the meantime, I stalk this monitor.

who is very happy with these numbers.  Just in case you wondered 🙂

3 thoughts on “We Stumbled A Little.

    1. 91% is actually REALLY good for her. She had bilateral PA bands placed yesterday, so we were expecting her sats to MAYBE hit the low 80s as her body got used to the fact that not nearly as much blood was flowing to her massively over-circulated lungs. She lived in the low to mid-70s before this, so this is a big improvement for her. We’ve been told to expect high 80s to be her norm until we do something with her single ventricle.

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