A Snowy Night.

Last night, I sat in the CICU in my little alcove off of Dolly’s room where I sit when all is finally quiet for the night.  My pull out bed is very comfy, and after sleeping at the orphanage in Ghana for so many weeks, I can pretty much sleep anywhere.  I sat on my bed and watched the snow fall.  Despite all the beeping of Dolly’s various machines, it was so peaceful to just sit and reflect on the day.  Dolly hasn’t been able to have many visitors.  The snow made it impossible for anyone to come yesterday.  But, we’re okay for right now, we hope that the weekend will bring a few people for a visit.  And, I can’t really complain about anything.  I have been given so much to be thankful for.

After a rocky start yesterday, we were given this gift…

Our baby is still slightly groggy, but she felt good enough to sit in her wagon and go for a ride.  On post-op day two, this is nearly unheard of.  She is only taking Tylenol for pain control, which makes her much less itchy and agitated than the Morphine that we were pumping into her previously.

She is awake right now and waiting for me to take her to the lobby to see her beloved fishies again, and she wants an egg for breakfast.  Darlin’, I’ve got eggs for sure!

who would probably buy her a flock of chickens if that’s what she asked me for.

Here’s our waiting child for Day TWO of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week.  This handsome little man can be found on Rainbow Kids and on Great Wall’s Individual List of children in China waiting for families.  Please go and take a look at Cooper!!!

Cooper has been diagnosed with deformity and dysaudia of both ears as well as CHD (PFO). CT on the ears showed absence of auricular tubes and auricles and eardrum dysplasia. Test results indicate his CHD (PFO) has self-healed. Cooper can now roll over alone, without help; he can crawl with hands and feet, can sit alone steadily, can pick up toys; when lying he can sit with the help of handrails; he can stand up with hands holding the handrail as well as walk; he can walk with one hand held, can hold blocks on each hand at the same time, and can transfer a block from one hand to the other. Although he may be developing a little slower than his peers, he is developing well and is becoming a very cute young boy. Cooper is a Special Focus child on Great Wall’s individual list.

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