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The New Normal.

I think I have other posts in the past with this same title.  When you add children like we do, there are a lot of ‘new normals’ to adjust to.  We adjusted to the addition of three children in a very short six month time span.  We adjusted when we learned of the abuse they had suffered.  We added Dolly and got used to the new normal of parenting a heart baby.  We are now adjusting to having said baby at home, on Oxygen.

It seems like such a small thing, and overwhelmingly, I am grateful.  I can’t help what my heart grieves though, and my heart grieves seeing my beautiful baby with these in her nose all the time now.

Dolly’s hat is courtesy of The Sassy Stitch.  Sarah does BEAUTIFUL work.  To order your baby’s hat, go HERE.  Tell her Dolly sent ya!  

In my head, I know this is what we have to do to heal her lungs, and a very wise friend told me to remind my children that THIS is the reason we have her.  Without her broken heart, we wouldn’t have gotten the privilege of calling her ours.  Her birth family probably wouldn’t have placed her for adoption, or another family in China might have called her theirs.  There is a plan to all of this.  My head knows that.

My heart pangs a little every time I think about the plan.  It’s a mama’s way, and her right, to grieve just a little.

who knows that tomorrow makes the new normal just a little easier.

In honor of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness Week I am featuring one waiting child with a heart defect every day.  

Today’s child is waiting in China and is listed with Holt International Children’s Services.  They are calling her “Lainey”.  Her picture isn’t mine to share, but let me tell you, she reminds me of another little girl that came from the same hard place as our Dolly.  She has almost the same needs, half of her little heart.  Our girls are fighters, and this one is too.  Do you have room in your home to make half of a heart whole again?  If so, please contact Holt through their website…HERE.  

5 thoughts on “The New Normal.”

    1. She’s not walking yet. I think she was just too blue before to muster the energy. She scoots on her tiny behind to get around. We haven’t quite figured out how to manage the O2 line yet. For now, it’s kind of a bummer. We’ll get a system down though. I know it!


  1. That is the SWEETEST little face — even with the tape and the tube. 🙂 How long will she need the oxygen?Thinking of you and your family; I’m eager to check in every night! 🙂 Amanda


  2. Thank you kindly for the shout out! I was not expecting that! I cannot WAIT to feature that precious girl on my page! You have a truly amazing daughter there, you equally amazing mama! Praying that the new normal will feel normal soon!


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