What I Wore Wednesday (Soon-to-Be Courtesy of Giggles)

Instead of all the heavy posts that revolve around our Dolly and her semi-mended heart, I tried to think of something more lighthearted (no pun intended) to post about today.  There are seven other remarkable children in this family who are handling all the talk of congenital heart disease like champs.  I could write about them, but honestly, they’re just trucking along without a whole lot to report.  So, when writer’s block hits big time, I talk to my Giggles.  I asked her what she thought I should post about and she decided that she likes posts related to “beauty and fashion”.  She would love it if I turned this blog into a Pinterest of all the outfits she loves.  That’s my Giggles.  A Ghanaian-American Fashionista.

I asked her if it was time to bring back “What I Wore Wednesday”.  She said DEFINITELY.  Then I asked her to write it.  Nope.  She’s too shy.  She says she needs more time.  I told her that was fine,  but, that I really want her to do this.  Her writing skills have improved almost entire grade level in just one semester.  This is likely due to all the creative writing and journaling she does just for fun.  She came to the U.S. in the 2nd grade and barely read at a KG level.  She didn’t write at all.  She could copy, but she couldn’t phonetically spell anything.  She now reads AND writes at grade level.  We are very proud of her.  So, after this week ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ will come courtesy of Giggles.

Don’t know what ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ is?  Well, we shamelessly stole it from another blog, and I’ll be darned if I can remember what that blog is.  If it was yours, and you’re reading this, please email me and I’ll give you a shout out.  From now on, Wednesdays are the day when I will post a picture of what I wore, or in the future, what Giggles wore, and then tell you how frugal I was in obtaining the entire ensemble.  It’s a lot like when FPD goes to the grocery store and gets 56 boxes of cereal for $5 (this is a hyperbole, the deals he gets are amazing, but I don’t think they’re quite THAT good).  Anyhow, Giggles likes putting together outfits for really great deals.

Here goes…

The pinstriped tunic top is courtesy of H&Ms clearance rack, sale price of $9.99.

The dark denim leggings are Target all the way, baby.  I used my $5 gift card that I received from buying Goodnights for a child who shall remain nameless.  The leggings were $9.99, price to me $4.99.

The boots, which have a killer heel, but do okay in snow are courtesy of (gag), Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Dazzle.  I almost can’t stomach saying where I got them because 5 seconds of any show with a Kardashian lowers my IQ at least 50 points, but these boots were WAY too cute for me to pass up.  I wear them all the time. These were a splurge at $29.99, but I love them.

The red/orange Obi Wrap Belt was a Very Jane deal last month.  It was $12.99, but I’ve worn it with quite a few outfits and love it.  So, well worth it.


You can’t see it, but I’m, of course, wearing my ‘Unbroken’ necklace because my baby did have a Cardiology appointment today.  You can buy one at Jubilee’s Jewels.  All proceeds go to help babies in China like our Dolly who have yet to find their families!

who can’t wait to see what Giggles wears next week.  

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